Primary: Practical Life

Intellectual development

Materials for “Practical Life” lessons provide a link from home to school. These materials help the child learn to care for themselves and their environment. Work in this area aids in the development of the intellect and concentration, leading to more orderly thinking. The child learns to become more independent on his or her journey to adulthood.


The child learns to coordinate his or her movements. Walking on the Line develops balance and awareness of musical tempos. The various Water Pouring, Scrubbing and Polishing lessons are used to develop fine motor and perceptual skills, as well as contributing to the beauty and care of their classroom.


Practical Life materials help the child learn to take care of themselves and their environment. They foster a sense of community and caring for others. Dressing Frames help the child master skills needed for independence. Flower Arranging adds to the beauty of the Prepared Environment.

Grace and Courtesy

Various lessons in Grace and Courtesy develop social skills for both home and school. These lessons give the child modeling and experience for the social graces needed to be part of a community. These include lessons such as how to introduce yourself, wait patiently for someone’s attention, saying “excuse me”, and observing a friend without interrupting.


Practical life skills, social graces...

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