Middle School

Academics holistically woven together with work in the community...

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students ages 12-14 years (6th, 7th and 8th grades) by a rigorous college preparatory plan of study realized through Montessori principles. Mountain Laurel Montessori Middle School is rich in experiences for the hand, the heart, and the intellect through working in the local community. Adolescents enjoy the chance to work collaboratively on projects, raise money, and invest it back into the community through their own Micro-economy.

Global Citizenship

The educational disciplines are not compartmentalized as they are in traditional education; instead the student’s academic experience is holistically woven together by working within the community. Academic projects combine in-class lessons with activities and service projects, allowing the adolescent to become a global citizen.    

Learning with Local Professionals

Students enjoy classes in Algebra, Humanities, the Sciences, Literature, Writing and Foreign Language. The studies of Music, Art and Physical Education are explored side-by-side with local experts.   

Full Credits

All state requirements for a full complement of credits are met or exceeded by the comprehensive course of study offered at Mountain Laurel Montessori Middle School.


Mountain Laurel Montessori School enjoys the unique challenges of educating adolescents. In our adolescent program, adults and students function as a community of learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. Students participate in every facet of a micro-economy, from production and exchange to marketing, advertising, customer service, and more. Driving this micro-economy are the practical endeavors of working in the garden, taking care of animals, and cooking for school events, which provide context and meaning for challenging academic work and offer opportunities for leadership and authentic responsibilities within the community. In taking part in real work that benefits society, adolescents have the opportunity to discover their purpose and find their voice.

Team Building and Community Projects

Weekly community work events are important opportunities to enhance our curriculum and build a spirit of camaraderie and purpose. Families and friends often join us on these occasions, adding to the fun and sense of accomplishment. Such experiences naturally develop students’ cooperative and leadership skills.

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“Education should therefore include the two forms of work, manual and intellectual, for the same person, and thus make it understood by practical experience that these two kinds complete each other and are equally essential to a civilized existence.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

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Academic projects combine in-class lessons with activities and service projects, allowing the adolescent to become part of the world, both physically and intellectually.  

Mountain Laurel Montessori School