Helping the infant mind in its work of development

Infants’ abilities and characteristics change seemingly overnight. Each morning babies greet their parents as new and curious beings. Parents crave information to understand this rapid development and how to best support their child’s burgeoning independence.

Montessori Beginnings is a gathering of parents or caregivers with infants and toddlers from 8 weeks to 3 years of age. It is a cheerful, relaxed environment that is scaled to the comfort of very young children. Beautiful toys and handmade materials entice babies to manipulate and discover, leading to coordination of movement and refinement of senses. Movement mats, balance beams, mirrors, and more encourage babies to joyfully crawl, creep, cruise, and walk independently.

Parenting issues are discussed individually as well as in small groups, providing support to new parents from those who have “been there.” Home consultations, weekly educational handouts, and special events are all included in this program.

Beginnings classes are held in the Toddler Classroom.


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