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"When I think about my experience with MLMS, the first word that comes to mind is...easy.

Easy because the students are taught to be independent. They are shown at an early age what they can do instead of what they cannot do. For example, they can make their own lunches!

Easy because the children are presented with "work" that they can be successful at on their own, typically during the school day. Although we support the kids when they need it, my husband and I don't feel like we have to do homework or projects for them.

Easy because there are few tests or grades, which means less stress and drama at home.

Easy because my kids have never argued about going to school. They like school!

And best of all...easy because, not only has MLMS provided my children with an outstanding education, but it has also provided me and my husband with a support system when we have needed it. Teachers, staff, and other Mountain Laurel families have been the village we need to raise two children in challenging times.

Sherri Schmidt, former MLMS parent