Our Community

Ours is a learning community where everyone plays an important part – students, staff, and parents. Students thrive independently yet work cooperatively, empowered by a sense of confidence and purpose. Staff and parents support and inspire each other through participation in parent nights, conferences, and school wide events. Together, we forge lasting relationships that contribute to everyone’s success and happiness.

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“I would not be where I am, on the path I'm on, without MLMS. It not only set me up for academic success, but life success. The strong community that is gained through everyone working together, supporting each other, and having fun together through taking care of a farm, class projects, overnights, class trips, and so much more gave me confidence in others as well as myself.

Knowing that I held responsibility, and that I would be supported whether I made the right decision or the wrong one, helped me realize that making a bad decision is not the end of the world, but rather another learning opportunity. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to learn in such an amazing place.”

- Emma Schmidt, MLMS alumna

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Mountain Laurel Montessori School