Primary: Language Lessons

Language is all around in a Montessori classroom. Spoken language is developed via conversations, stories, songs and poems. Various Classified Card Material sets teach new vocabulary, from simple (names of fruits and vegetables) to scientific (names of species of fish).

The children learn how phonetic sounds and other phonemes make up words. Sound games are played to help each child isolate the sounds on a word. Unique materials such as the Movable Alphabet allow them to write words and phrases as soon as they know some of the sounds and letters.

Writing skills are developed as the child’s manual hand skills progress. Geometric shapes previously learned in Sensorial lessons link the child to the work with the Metal Insets that begins to develop control of a pencil. Tactile materials such as the Sandpaper Letters enable the child to internalize the formation of letter and number symbols.

Language comes to life in our primary classrooms!

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