Pam Thomas<br>
Primary Teacher

Pam worked as a Montessori assistant while earning her undergraduate degree in elementary and early childhood education from the University of Louisville. Soon after, she received her AMS primary certification from MMTTC in Chicago. That began the journey which brought her to Mountain Laurel after teaching in 10 other schools across the country. Although certified as a primary teacher she has also assisted in Toddler and Elementary classes. Because of her love of all things Montessori, Pam became a faculty member of the Center of Guided Montessori Studies in the primary teacher training program.

Married for 35 years, Pam has traveled the country for her husband’s career. They have two grown sons both who went to Primary Montessori programs. When she isn’t pondering the best ways to connect with children to make their Montessori experience joyful and filled with awe, Pam likes to bake, garden and take motorcycle trips with her husband.

Mountain Laurel Montessori School