Mona Nixon<br>
Elementary Teacher<br>
& Co-Director
Mona Nixon
Elementary Teacher
& Co-Director

Monica Nixon, Head of School at Mountain Laurel, founded the school in 1989 for her own daughter. Ms. Nixon holds a Bachelor Degree in Art Education from Middle Tennessee State University. Her graduate work includes an AMI Primary Diploma from Atlanta Montessori Institute and an AMI Elementary Diploma from Washington Montessori Institute. Ms. Nixon has over 30 years of experience as a Montessori teacher at both the Primary and Elementary levels. She has directed her current elementary class for the past 18 years.

Over the summer she completed the AMI Adolescent Workshop with Jenny Hoglund as well as the AMI Montessori Math Training with Mike Waski.

Ms. Nixon loves to be in the thick of classroom life – she and the children making new discoveries and expanding horizons. She especially appreciates supporting the students as they nurture friendships and resolve conflicts with strength and compassion.

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