Martin's A+ Rewards Program

Every time you shop at Martin’s or Giant Foods, you can benefit all the programs of Mountain Laurel! Simply submit your 11-digit Martin’s Rewards Card number and/or your 12-digit Giant Rewards Card number in the form below. Your number(s) will be registered in the A+ School Rewards Program and soon Mountain Laurel will profit every time you shop from mid-October to mid-March each year.

Please note that registering your card to benefit Mountain Laurel Montessori School does not affect any of your other bonus rewards, including gas points!

By providing your number(s) in the form below, you are authorizing Mountain Laurel Montessori School to designate your card number to benefit our school in the A+ School Rewards Program. Mountain Laurel will continue to register your card each year unless notified in writing that your permission has been rescinded.

The more card numbers we receive, the more Mountain Laurel benefits, so please ask your friends, neighbors and relatives to submit their numbers, too!

Mountain Laurel Montessori School