Sarah Veitenthal<br>
Beginnings & <br>Toddler Teacher
Sarah Veitenthal
Beginnings &
Toddler Teacher

Mrs. Veitenthal obtained a BA in Philosophy from the University of Mary Washington and is currently working on a MA in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. It is Mrs. Veitenthal’s hope to incorporate Dr. Montessori’s techniques in a counseling setting to promote overall wellbeing and positive development. Over the past four years, Mrs. Veitenthal has worked at Mountain Laurel as a lunch time/recess aide, Laurel Club provider, Primary substitute, Elementary Assistant, Toddler Assistant, Administrative Assistant and Toddler/Beginnings Teacher.

Mrs. Veitenthal loves being a part of the Mountain Laurel community and appreciates the abundant support MLMS provides for her and her family. It is important to Mrs. Veitenthal to have her children involved in an educational community that provides not only vast intellectual opportunities but also promotes a spiritual and emotional balance. She looks forward to seeing her family grow and blossom as a part of the Mountain Laurel Community.

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