Elizabeth Schelin<br>
Elementary Spanish

Elizabeth considers it her life’s work to explore as many perspectives and ways of looking at the world as she can. She’s been everything from resource analyst to professional calligrapher. Her undergraduate degree is in biochemistry, where her teaching career began as an instructor for a laboratory course and which she used in genetics and environmental research. She returned to school for a Master’s degree from the Writing Seminars program at Johns Hopkins University. For over a decade she worked in newswire, first as a science reporter and eventually as deputy editor of international news.

She escaped this invigorating but frenetic career to become a mother at the tender age of 39, and soon found Montessori while researching school options. She was impressed that a lady named Mrs. Glier (above) was considerate and conversant enough to be “interviewed” on the spot for 45 minutes by a perfect stranger who just rang up. Her descriptions of Montessori education sounded like a combination of solid academics with thoughtful, caring guidance that emphasized self-reliance and respect for the individual as well as a sense of responsibility.

Eleven years later, Elizabeth has found that a Montessori education produces kids who love to explore, ask interesting questions, instinctively see connections, are problem solvers and self-directed learners, have discipline and a sense of self-worth that come from within, and are both kind people and good citizens.

Elizabeth has been teaching homeschool groups for the past three years, but is delighted to begin a new career as Mrs. Nixon’s classroom assistant. She aims to help morph her diverse background and skills with the students’ inquisitiveness and enthusiasm… and to watch what creative exploits and achievements spring to life.

Mountain Laurel Montessori School