Bruce Baraniak
Nature Expert

Bruce was born in Ohio, moved to Pennsylvania at age 10 back  to where my parents originated  near Bedford Pa.

Studied at Penn State University and Slippery Rock University obtaining degrees in Natural Resources, Forestry / Wildlife.
He was employed with the Virginia Dept of Conservation and State Parks where I managed State Parks for 25 years.
Worked as a Ranger with the US Forest Service from 2016 thru 2019.  Since December 2019, he has been employed here at Mountain Laurel Montessori School.
Bruce has one son named Nathaniel age 13.  He is from a large family and loves family reunions and activities.
His hobbies include Master Naturalist, guiding and leading hikes,, cooking and being a foodie, canoeing , camping , cycling, foraging , skiing, snorkeling in the Caribbean, gardening,, health fitness and nutrition, fishing, world travel and have been to 21 countries with many more on the list ..