SarahVeitenthalSarah Veitenthal
Toddler & Beginnings Teacher

Sarah Veitenthal has been a part of Mountain Laurel Montessori School since 2011. The Veitenthal children, Emma, Audrey, and Tucker, are second generation students of Mountain Laurel, who’s father attended in the first years of the school in Mrs. Nixon’s primary class. Upon moving back to Front Royal, it was the family’s desire to find a school that complimented the emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the children already implemented at home; hence, another journey at Mountain Laurel began.

Mrs. Veitenthal obtained a BA in Philosophy from the University of Mary Washington and is currently working on a MA in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. It is Mrs. Veitenthal’s hope to incorporate Dr. Montessori’s techniques in a counseling setting to promote overall wellbeing and positive development. Over the past four years, Mrs. Veitenthal has worked at Mountain Laurel as a lunch time/recess aide, Laurel Club provider, Primary substitute, Elementary Assisstant, Toddler Assistant, and Administrative Assistant.

Mrs. Veitenthal loves being a part of the Mountain Laurel community and appreciates the abundant support MLMS provides for her and her family. It is important to Mrs. Veitenthal to have her children involved in an educational community that provides not only vast intellectual opportunities but also promotes a spiritual and emotional balance. She looks forward to seeing her family grow and blossom as a part of the Mountain Laurel Community.



Deborah Fritts

Toddler Assistant

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Primary Program

MLMS 2014-107
Carrie Irre

Carrie Irre has served as an educator for over twenty-five years. Her educational background includes teacher certification from the Association Montessori Internationale at the primary level (2 ½ – 6), M.Ed. In Special Education from James Madison University, and a B.A. in Psychology from Cedar Crest College. Mrs. Irre holds Virginia State Teacher Certification in Elementary and Special Education.  Mrs. Irre has taught at MLMS for fifteen years at the primary level. She finds such joy implementing Dr. Montessori’s methods and observing children thrive. During the summer months Mrs. Irre leads a Mentorship Program serving children with special needs in an integrated setting. Prior to teaching Montessori, other work experiences include teaching 2nd grade, supervising a group home for children with autism, behavior consulting, and a broad range of tutoring experiences. Mrs. Irre has two young-adult daughters who benefitted from a Montessori education at Mountain Laurel Montessori School.


Beth Irwin
Primary Assistant (Irre)

Beth Irwin has fifteen years experience at Mountain Laurel Montessori School. She came to work at Mountain Laurel in 1998 and was asked shortly thereafter to become a classroom assistant. Her love of children and her strong commitment to the work of Mountain Laurel shine through in her work each day.

Ms. Irwin is a natural in the classroom, providing loving guidance to each child in her care. She has attended multiple classes and workshops as part of her training at Mountain Laurel. She received a certificate from the Butler School upon completion of a workshop titled The Fundamentals of the Montessori Classroom Assistant. She has attended many assistant workshops through Loyola University’s Montessori Training Program, including academic workshops and those involving movement and outdoor education. Beth has attended behavioral workshops provided by local county schools, and a workshop series at The Samuel’s Public Library titled Love and Logic. Ms. Irwin works effectively with children in general, as well as those with special needs.

Ms. Irwin attended classes at Lord Fairfax Community College concentrating on early childhood development. She is certified in First Aid, CPR, and has taken Medicine Administration Training.



Pam Thomas

Pam worked as a Montessori assistant while earning her undergraduate degree in elementary and early childhood education from the University of Louisville. Soon after, she received her AMS primary certification from MMTTC in Chicago. That began the journey which brought her to Mountain Laurel after teaching in 10 other schools across the country. Although certified as a primary teacher she has also assisted in Toddler and Elementary classes. Because of her love of all things Montessori, Pam became a faculty member of the Center of Guided Montessori Studies in the primary teacher training program.

Married for 35 years, Pam has traveled the country for her husband’s career. They have two grown sons both who went to Primary Montessori programs. When she isn’t pondering the best ways to connect with children to make their Montessori experience joyful and filled with awe, Pam likes to bake, garden and take motorcycle trips with her husband.



Naomi Egger
Primary Assistant (Thomas) & Primary Spanish Teacher

Naomi Egger started working at Mountain Laurel in the summer of 2015. She previously worked for two years as a primary assistant at Renaissance Montessori School in Manassas, before coming back to her hometown of Front Royal to join Mountain Laurel’s staff as primary Spanish teacher and nap/daycare supervisor. She loves being around the children and sharing in their joy, simplicity, and wonder.

Naomi earned her Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Liberal Arts from Lord Fairfax Community College in 2013 and is a certified Suzuki violin instructor. In her spare time, she enjoys trying her hand at sign language, jogging on the bike path, and rescuing dying orchid plants.

Elementary Program

Monica Nixon
Elementary Teacher & Co-Director

Monica Nixon, Head of School at Mountain Laurel, founded the school in 1989 for her own daughter. Ms. Nixon holds a Bachelor Degree in Art Education from Middle Tennesee State University. Her graduate work includes an AMI Primary Diploma from Atlanta Montessori Institute and an AMI Elementary Diploma from Washington Montessori Institute. Ms. Nixon has over 28 years of experience as a Montessori teacher at both the Primary and Elementary levels. She has directed her current elementary class for the past fifteen years.

Ms. Nixon loves to be in the thick of classroom life – she and the children making new discoveries and expanding horizons. She especially appreciates supporting the students as they nurture friendships and resolve conflicts with strength and compassion.


Dianne Trinh

Elementary Assistant (Nixon)

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Tara Hutchinson
Elementary Teacher

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MLMS 2014-511Catie Noel
Elementary Assistant (Hutchinson)

Catie discovered Mountain Laurel while researching schools for her oldest daughter in 2005. Catie has worked at Mountain Laurel for over 7 years, first as a classroom assistant in elementary and now as administrative staff. In 2009 she completed her AMI Elementary Assistants training at Loyola University in Columbia, MD.  Catie loves working with young children, where every day is filled with joyful self-discovery.

Ms. Noel lives in the Front Royal area with her partner, Jason and their daughters Cadence, Charlize and Caleesi and son Jamison. Charlize enjoys the many benefits of the elementary program while Caleesi enjoys the primary program and Jamison in Toddler. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking and reading.


MLMS 2014-232Elizabeth Schelin
Elementary Spanish Teacher

Elizabeth considers it her life’s work to explore as many perspectives and ways of looking at the world as she can. She’s been everything from resource analyst to professional calligrapher. Her undergraduate degree is in biochemistry, where her teaching career began as an instructor for a laboratory course and which she used in genetics and environmental research. She returned to school for a Master’s degree from the Writing Seminars program at Johns Hopkins University. For over a decade she worked in newswire, first as a science reporter and eventually as deputy editor of international news.

She escaped this invigorating but frenetic career to become a mother at the tender age of 39, and soon found Montessori while researching school options. She was impressed that a lady named Mrs. Glier (above) was considerate and conversant enough to be “interviewed” on the spot for 45 minutes by a perfect stranger who just rang up. Her descriptions of Montessori education sounded like a combination of solid academics with thoughtful, caring guidance that emphasized self-reliance and respect for the individual as well as a sense of responsibility.

Eleven years later, Elizabeth has found that a Montessori education produces kids who love to explore, ask interesting questions, instinctively see connections, are problem solvers and self-directed learners, have discipline and a sense of self-worth that come from within, and are both kind people and good citizens.

Elizabeth has been teaching homeschool groups for the past three years, but is delighted to begin a new career as Mrs. Nixon’s classroom assistant. She aims to help morph her diverse background and skills with the students’ inquisitiveness and enthusiasm… and to watch what creative exploits and achievements spring to life.


David Salgado
Jr. High Teacher

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Mary Bell
Jr. High Teacher

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Mary Cook 

Artist in Residence

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Betsy Grover

Laurel Club

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Meg DeMato

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Rose DiNinno
Business Manager

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JessicaKuzmickJessica Kuzmick
Administrative Assistant

Jess earned a B.A. in European Cultural Studies and Philosophy from the American University of Paris. Jess is our office guru who seems to know everything and be everywhere at all times. She is the go to person no matter how big or small the need. While greeting the students in the morning, she will usually be wearing one of her beautiful vintage aprons and will be working on her newest craft project. Her special interests include (but are not limited to!) art, science, traditional crafts, and travelling. She plans to finish her Masters in Art Education when her boys are done with school.


Anna Burling
Office Assistant

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Odalys Martin
Special Events Coordinator & School Store Manager

Website Support


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MLMS 2014-504 - CopyBryan DiNinno

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Phil Baumgart

Wendy Wilson

Rose DiNinno

Mary Bell

Jason Brackens

Florentina Dobrin





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